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Dr. Andrea Violette, Dr. Andrea Beaver a chiropractic & functional medicine physcician at the Cincinnati Health Institute in Cincinnati Ohio

Dr. Andrea Violette

Dr. Violette is a Chiropractic & Functional medicine physician. Her mission is to help people understand and find the root cause of their health concerns. 


Area of Expertise

Dr. Violette treats patients in chiropractic and functional medicine. She is a certified functional medicine practitioner through the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has received significant education in acupuncture, weight loss, and sports therapy. 


Dr. Violette earned her B.S. in exercise science in 2008 from Pfeiffer University. She joined Cincinnati Health Institute as an intern in October 2011. She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2011. Upon graduation, Dr. Violette moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and became a full-time chiropractor and functional medicine physician at Cincinnati Health Institute. In April 2023, she earned her certification in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Her completed coursework is: 

  • Institute of Functional Medicine AFMP course

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Cardiovascular Advance Training Module

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Immune Advance Training Module

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Hormone Advance Training Module

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Bioenergetics Advance Training Module 

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Gastrointestinal Advance Training Module

  • Institute of Functional Medicine Environmental Advance Training Module 

A Bit About Dr. Violette... 

Dr. Violette is originally from North Carolina, she was inspired to go into the field of chiropractic and natural medicine after being in a significant car crash while an undergrad at Pfeiffer University. After the car crash, she experienced daily pain and was on several prescription drugs to manage the pain, it wasn't until she visited a chiropractor that she began to get back to her old self. After recovery, Dr. Violette enrolled in chiropractic school at Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida and has been on a journey to help others achieve optimal health. 


Dr. Violette is passionate about living a natural lifestyle. Her goal is to live every day in a way that enhances her health in one way or another. She is continuously educating herself on ways to improve her health and on the latest discoveries in health and wellness. Dr. Violette believes in order to have a healthy life you must eat a whole food diet, move, breathe, and laugh. She considers herself a "locavore"- you can find her volunteering on her friend's farm, gardening, harvesting her own fruits and vegetables, or shopping at local farm stands or farmers' markets; she is a vocal advocate of buying food locally and supporting the small farmer.

"I appreciate the opportunity to express my compassion to the world, and what truly makes it meaningful for me is the invaluable sense of confidence, happiness, and health it brings to my patients."

-Dr. Andrea Violette

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