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Natural Version of Gatorade

Gatorade and other sugary sports drinks are a favorite of many when wanting to hydrate with electrolytes after a hot day, working out, going on a long walk outside, etc. However, many of these sugary sports drinks contain several artificial ingredients and aren't as beneficial to your body as you may think.

One of our favorite alternatives to Gatorade and other sports drinks are salt packets made by a company called LMNT Salt. LMNT Salt has no sugar, no gluten, or none of those other questionable ingredients. If you don't want to buy LMNT, they suggest some homemade electrolyte drink recipes on their website, just click here to view them.

However one of our doctor's absolute favorite electrolyte drinks to make at home is Sole Water which is made by saturating a pure form of Himalayan or red salt into water until fully dissolved. See below for the instructions on how to make it.

Sole Water

To make Sole Water:

  • Step 1 - Put a handful of Ancient Sea Salt crystals by Redmond into a container with a lid.

  • Step 2 - Cover the sea salt crystals with water. (We suggest purified or spring water.)

  • Step 3 - Put the lid on. (Preferably NOT a metal lid since the metal will oxidize with water and salt.)

  • Step 4 - Let sit for 24 hours. (To be fully saturated, you want to see some salt remaining on the bottom of the jar. If all the salt has fully dissolved, add more salt. Let it sit for another hour. Leftover salt indicates that the solution is fully saturated and at 26% sodium capacity.)

To take Sole Water:

  • Add 1 spoonful (approximately 1 tsp) of sole water into your first-morning glass of water and stay salty all day long!


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