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Unlocking Longevity: Dr. Violette Delves into the Grandmother Hypothesis

Updated: Jun 28

Dr. Violette is passionate about anti-aging. In celebration of Mother’s Day and Women's Health Month, we caught up with her to learn about the Grandmother Hypothesis. 

Mother’s Day holds a special significance for me this year, as it marks not only a celebration of my own mother but also of my journey into motherhood. As I reflect on the joys of being a mother, I am deeply grateful for the presence of both my mother and my daughters in my life.

I've come to appreciate my mother and mother-in-law's invaluable support as I navigate the challenges of being a new parent. Witnessing the delight as they care for my daughter fills me with gratitude, especially considering the additional support it offers me as a working mother. This intergenerational bond is a cherished aspect of my life.

From my perspective as a functional medicine doctor, I can't help but consider the implications of the Grandmother Hypothesis. This theory, developed in the 1960s, offers insight into why humans, particularly women, tend to live longer than other mammals beyond their reproductive years. Essentially, it highlights the positive impact of grandmothers' involvement in childcare on healthy aging.

Children are renowned for their boundless energy, and this vitality can have a rejuvenating effect on grandmothers. The act of caring for grandchildren contributes to their physical fitness, social engagement, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Moreover, the support provided by grandmothers alleviates stress for mothers, knowing they have reliable childcare and assistance at hand. Research indicates that this additional care has a positive influence on children's health as well.

In essence, the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren is a source of immense blessing and contributes to longevity for both generations.

Unfortunately, we cannot bottle up love this Mother's Day, but we can take care of the mother in your life! 

Here are our favorite product picks for the mother in your life: 

  1. Endopath F which can be used for hot flashes

  2. Liposomal Methyl B to give her a little extra energy. 

  3. Smart Silver - mothers are like superheroes- so is this product! Smart Silver helps with burns, cuts, etc.


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