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Functional medicine at the Cincinnati Health Institute, Functional Medicine Doctors, Cincinnati, Ohio

Functional Medicine

A holistic healthcare approach that is based on the premise that every system in your body is connected. There's no such thing as an isolated issue.

When one system fails, your entire body suffers — and you need a whole system model to restore your health. 

Our Approach

Personalized Care

Our treatment plan is based on data specific to the patient, to target dysfunction at its source.

We require basic testing, health questionnaires, medical history, and other lifestyle information to get a health baseline.

This helps our doctors identify key factors affecting overall health and make more personalized recommendations.

Patient Empowerment

We offer advice and recommendations, but we also empower you to make your own decisions. We help patients to tap into their unique “innate ability to heal”. As soon as patients realize what a huge impact providing basic foundational requirements to the body is, their journey to wellness begins. You will have all the tools to become an active participant in your healthcare.

 Trust Based Relationship

We take an empathetic approach to care and treat patients as individuals, not just a list of symptoms on a clipboard. This philosophy helps to create a patient-doctor relationship based on trust.


Functional medicine requires a strong commitment from both doctor and patient to make the necessary changes to heal. We will work to help you overcome your specific roadblocks. Our goal is to to empower patients to look past the “quick fix” mentality and understand that true healing is often never “quick”.

Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

We believe the most notable difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine is the approach. Functional medicine favors a systems approach whereas conventional medicine favors a symptoms approach. In a systems approach, the root cause is identified and all affected systems are supported naturally and restored to function. In a symptoms approach, the symptom is addressed, or often masked, while multisystem dysfunction runs rampant. 

Our Services

Hormone Testing

Every patient is unique, for some we check hormone levels to see if a hormone imbalance could be an underlying cause. Typically, we run a saliva or blood test to test the hormones. But again, every patient is unique. 


Important Note For Functional Medicine Patients

At Cincinnati Health Institute, through functional medicine, we do not act as a Primary Care Provider. All functional medicine patients are required to have their own primary care physician for, but not limited to, routine health screenings and acute medical issues. Cincinnati Health Institute does not provide urgent or emergency care.  


I’m very impressed with everything at Cincinnati Health Institute. After years of going to different doctors and getting nowhere; I am finally getting answers and healing. Dr. Violette and the services offered have been instrumental in my healing process. The staff is very professional and will call just to check up on you. Amazing!"


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