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The Full Story

About Us

Cincinnati Health Institute was created through the evolving vision and beliefs of Dr. Gregory Woeste. In 1993, he established Cincinnati Health Institute as a way of educating people about natural health care solutions. In 2012, Dr. Andrea Violette joined Dr. Woeste in practice and they developed the Cincinnati Health Institute store.

Our Clinic

Dr. Greg Woeste has been practicing Chiropractic Medicine since 1990. Dr. Violette joined Cincinnati Health Institute in practice in 2012. Cincinnati Health Institute has two therapists who assist doctors with patients and daily operations. Ann Marie has been working alongside Dr. Woeste as a therapist for around 30 years. Stinna has been working at Cincinnati Health Institute for around 10 years. We feel that having a consistent team throughout the years has strengthened the community of our practice and provides optimal and personalized care for our patients.  

 Our Doctors

Dr. Greg Woeste

Dr. Andrea Violette

Our Services

      Functional Medicine

We work to find the root cause of your illness through functional medicine. 

     Chiropractic Medicine

We are more than just backs- we focus on disorders of the spine, muskoskeletal, the nervous systems effects on the body as a whole, and much more.  

           Weight Loss

We offer doctor involved as well as independent weight loss and lifestyle plans and protocols. 

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