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How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Halloween can be a time of fun and whimsy, but it can also wreak havoc on health goals. In our office, nothing is scarier than spiked sugar levels, sugar crashes, brain fog, sleep disturbances, and poor digestion from a night of Halloween madness. We want you to have fun, but give you some tips to keep wellness within reach after the zombies and witches have retreated.

Eat more protein, especially right before Halloween.

Eating protein or a full meal before trick or treating will curb your craving for sugars and sweets, helping to keep bingeing under control. Also, make sure to eat protein afterward to curb the temptation to dig into the leftover Halloween candy stash.

Take the longer route.

If you’re going to be the one walking the trick-or-treaters around, take the longer route for some added exercise. If you’re handing out the candy, exercise early on in the day. Getting some activity in can help reduce the urge to indulge.

Don’t be fooled by “pumpkin flavored” anything.

During this season, pumpkin-flavored food and drinks seem to be everywhere- think the notorious pumpkin spice latte. Sure pumpkins are healthy, but in the context of Halloween and fall activities, they are usually accompanied by added sugar and whipped cream. Some pumpkin-flavored things don't even contain real pumpkin- they use artificial pumpkin flavor. Check out this article on the history of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and the use of artificial pumpkin.

Buy your LEAST favorite candy to hand out.

Buying a candy that you aren't a fan of will help prevent the inevitable binge of leftover treats. Or if you don't want to buy a candy you completely despise, try buying a sour candy if you are more likely to binge on chocolate or vice versa.

Wait to purchase treats!

Do you usually purchase candy weeks before Halloween? This year, to wait as long as possible as it is common to start snacking early, turning Halloween into an extended holiday. If you want to buy the candy earlier- hide it in a part of your house you rarely check to avoid bingeing at the site of the candy!


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