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Optimizing Weight Loss: Dr. Woeste's Favorite Tips

As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to kickstart your weight loss journey and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Weight loss has long been a focal point at our clinic, and Dr. Woeste, with his expertise in metabolism, is here to share some of his favorite weight loss tips! 

Dr. Woeste's Favorite Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Embrace Low-Carb & High-Fat: Dr. Woeste advocates for the ketogenic diet, a low-carb and high-fat approach that induces ketosis, where your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. By following this diet, you can effectively target stubborn fat and promote weight loss.

  2. Cut Out Grains & Sugar: Whether you're fully committed to keto or not, reducing grain and sugar intake can make a significant difference. Dr. Woeste recommends eliminating carbohydrate-dense foods like bread, pasta, and rice, and steering clear of sugary treats such as ice cream, cookies, and candy.

  3. Try Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Woeste is a proponent of intermittent fasting, a practice where you restrict your eating to specific windows of time. This approach allows your body to efficiently digest food and tap into fat stores for energy. For women, a smaller fasting period is recommended such as 14 hours, while men may benefit from a long fasting period such as 16 hours.

Looking for a product to aid in weight loss or give you the extra boost? 

Our most popular weight-loss product is Ha2cg by DesBio. Ha2cg contains two patented bioidentical active amino acid chain groups that are naturally found in human chorionic gonadotropin molecule (HCG) which tricks the body into turning on the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that controls hunger, and burns stored fat. The suggested timeline for the Ha2cg diet is 24 days- perfect to start now and be finished around Memorial Day Weekend.

Ha2cg evolution by Desbio weight loss drops


Ha2cg Evolution by DesBio



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