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Ring in the New Year Alcohol-Free

Kickstart Dry January right when it strikes midnight this year! New Year's is known for being an alcohol-filled holiday, but several people chose to avoid alcohol for various reasons. There is no reason you have to drink alcohol to have a good time. Here are 5 of our suggestions for alcohol-free drinks to try this New Year- some even have health benefits as an added bonus!

Tropical Sparkling Mocktail

This is the perfect fruity drink with a little twist! It contains pineapple juice which is rich in nutrients and is great in reducing inflammation and boosting immunity- making this drink not only good but good for you too!

Ingredients- Serves 4

1 cup of Sparkling Water (such as Sanpellegrino or try Betty Buzz tonic water)

3 cups of Organic Pineapple Juice

1 cup of Organic Orange Juice


1/ Combine pineapple and orange juice together in a large pitcher. Stir to ensure mixed.

2/ Grab a glass. Add ice to the glass and fill the glass up halfway with sparkling water and halfway with the juice mixture.

3/ Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy!

Pop The Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Several great brads offer non-alcoholic champagne options to make a perfect New Year's toast! We recommend trying Lyre's Classico Grande non-alcoholic champagne.

You can drink the champagne by itself or turn it into a fun mocktail! Try pouring the Classico Grande into a champagne flute, and add in a dash of chilled organic cranberry juice and a few cranberries to make a cranberry mimosa!

LMNT Rasberry Mojito

We love this cocktail because of our love for LMNT salts! LMNT salts are a good clean source of electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium. Our clinic loves drinking LMNT salt- so adding it to a mocktail is a win-win situation!

Ingredients- Serves 4

1 cup of frozen raspberries

6 mint leaves (or more!)

1 lime juiced

2 cups of sparkling water

2 packets of LMNT Rasberry Salt


1/ Muddle the frozen raspberries, mint leaves, lime juice, & LMNT raspberry salt together in a large pitcher

2/ Add ice to the pitchers & slowly combine the sparkling water with the muddled mixture

3/ Stir together, pour in a glass and garnish with some fresh mint leaves and fresh raspberries

Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz

Kin Euphorics combines adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics to boost things like cognitive function and adrenals to get results. The Kin Spritz gives you the perfect social boost for a New Year's party without alcohol. We recommend the Kin Spritz over ice- usually in a cool-looking glass! If you aren't feeling the Kin Spritz we recommend checking out the other Kin Euphoric drink offerings. King Euphorics is a growing favorite of our clinic staff.

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